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For 30 years the Michael Olaf Company has been the most respected international source of Montessori toys and educational materials for homes and schools. These special items help to create beautiful environments that foster creativity and a love of learning. For the main Montessori page, with a variety of interesting links:

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Michael Olaf is like a mental health food store for children. Other companies, just like large grocery stores, may carry some of the same products but theirs are buried amongst the many things that are not good for children, and one needs a Montessori diploma to make the right choices. Thank you for your excellent items for children!
—Parent/Teacher, San Francisco

Michael Olaf is absolutely priceless. I have ordered from this company since I became a mother. The toys are are wonderful. The great thing is you may be able to  find some things you definitely will not see in stores. These products will encourage your children to get interested in science, history, music, art, and they are much more beautiful than just some plastic stuff that will  break. —A Parent

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A Christmas Prayer for the Earth includes original lyrics and music and pictures from Susan's Montessori work around the world.

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