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CPE300J.jpg PE300J Joyful Child Frame
NOTE: This frame has always been made from Baltic Birth wood from Russia. Because we no longer can, or want to, get this wood, we are using local wood. As a result the cost has increased slightly. It is a beautiful wood frame made locally to hold our large, 10-piece, picture sets. The pictures easily slip in and out to make changes. Search "large pictures" below to see more than picture sets.
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CBA500.jpg BA500 Unframed Wall Mirror, small
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CBA510.jpg BA510 Unframed Wall Mirror, large
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CBA36.jpg BA36 Adaptable Framed Mirror
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CPE353.jpg PE353 Tall Independence Steps
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CPE115.jpg PE115 Coat Tree
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CPE100.jpg PE100 Small Book Display
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