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The size of furniture is very important for the correct development of children. Ideally it supports the child's independence in hanging up or storing clothing, and reaching high places such as the bathroom or kitchen sink. A book rack makes it it easy for a child to take good care of books and to select the one desired. Mirrors are portant at all ages. Wood is far better than plastic for many reasons.
CBA500.jpg BA500 Unframed Wall Mirror, small
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CBA510.jpg BA510 Unframed Wall Mirror, large
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CBA36.jpg BA36 Adaptable Framed Mirror
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CPE353.jpg PE353 Tall Independence Steps
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CPE440.jpg PE440 Short Independence Stepstool
A valuable aid to a child's all-important developing independence, for the kitchen, the bathroom, the classroom.
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CPE115.jpg PE115 Coat Tree
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CPE100.jpg PE100 Small Book Display
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CPE250.jpg PE250 Chest-of-Drawers
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CPE300J.jpg PE300J Joyful Child Frame
A beautiful wood frame made locally to hold our large, 10-piece, picture sets. The pictures easily slip in and out to make changes. Search "large pictures" below to see more than picture sets.
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Michael Olaf is a publisher of Montessori books but continues to provide, and ship internationally, a few specialized Montessori-approved products for Montessori nidos (birth to one year), infant communities (1-3 years), primary classes (3-6 years) and homes. Michael Olaf Montessori Publishers, PO Box 1162, Arcata, California, 95518; www.michaelolaf.net; michaelolafcompany@gmail.com