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The First Year of Life
THE FIRST YEAR: Reaching Out, Grasping

Soon the child will be able to reach intentionally for an object and grasp it. Being able to let go comes later! Now we provide a way for objects to hang just within the child's reach, and toys that provide various ways for the child to grasp. Natural products such as wood and metal are prefered over plastic for many reasons, and safety is the main consideration.
CBR033.jpg BR033 Triangles Hanging Toy
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CBR010.jpg BR010 Rattling Caterpillar Hanging Toy
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CBA120.jpg BA120 Wooden Tripod Toy Hanger
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CBA166.jpg BA166 Wooden Bell Chimes
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CBA200.jpg BA200 Ring and Ribbon Set
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CBT410.jpg BT410 Small Colored Baby Beads
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