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In January 2018 Michael Olaf will close. The owners/creators, Jim and Susan Stephenson, who are now in their 70's will retire. Thank you for all of your support over the years. With very few exceptions (those things that are made locally, such as the slatted chair, topponcino, and a few other hard-to-find items) as each book, toy, or tool runs out it will not be reordered. Please keep this in mind for your school ordering, gift ordering, holiday ordering.
Age 3-7: Art & Music

CDE220.jpg DA220 Land Form Plastalina, 1 pound
Children learn land/water forms far better when they make them, than when they merely pour water in pre-made forms.
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CDL993J.jpg DL993 WEE SING Songs Around the World, CD & Booklet
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CDM03j.jpg DM03 Peruvian Rainstick
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CDM200.jpg DM200 Little Afro-Cuban Djembe Drum
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CDA230.jpg DA230 Clay, one pound (bright colors)
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CDA310J.jpg DA310 Wood/brass Pencil Box from India
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CDA500.jpg DA500 Buddha Board
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CDA280.jpg DA280 Great Art Picture Set (10)
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Now, and after Michael Olaf closes, the Montessori books written by Susan Mayclin Stephenson (4 titles so far and more coming) will be still available by Montessori book suppliers and in many countries. The titles so far are: "The Joyful Child . . . ", "Child of the World . . . ", "The Universal Child . . .", and "No Checkmate . . . "