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Age 3-7: Physical Sciences

It is not enough for the teacher (ed: or parent) to restrict herself to loving and understanding the child; she must first love and understand the universe. -Maria Montessori, MD
CDE020.jpg DE020 Sand or Water Table, large
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CDE015.jpg DE015 Sand or Water Table, small
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CDE636.jpg DE636 Michael Olaf black & white land/water form/continent cards, 3 Sets in One
Includes continent cards AND one each of the land/water images to go with the child's work in constructing: island/lake, cape/bay, isthmus/strait, peninsula/gulf. Also, the definitions of the land/water examples.
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DE727 Land Form Pans/Clay Set
Recommended in international Montessori 3-6 teacher training courses. This set of 4 pans (DE710) will allow a child to make two land/water sets, such as cape/bay and island/lake, at a time. The earth-colored clay (DA220) is used for making the "land".
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CDE710.jpg DE710 Land Form Pans, Set/4
For making two sets of land/water forms at a time, i.e. island/lake and cape/bay
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CDE220.jpg DA220 Land Form Plastalina, 1 pound
Children learn land/water forms far better when they make them, than when they merely pour water in pre-made forms.
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CDE39.jpg DE39 Rock Matching, Set I
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CDE40.jpg DE40 Rock Matching, Set 2
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CDE761.jpg DE761 Switch On, Switch Off
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CDE606.jpg DE606 Electric Circuit Set
Recommended in international Montessori 3-6 teacher training courses.
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