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For over 30 years Michael Olaf has provided the best quality and selection of toys, books, and other educational materials for children from birth to 7+ years. The selections are made by qualified Montessori teachers. Michael Olaf ships all over the world and is well-known for excellent service. In order to focus on Birth to Three (the Michael Olaf international specialty) at the end of 2013 we stopped carrying materials for 6-12. Soon we will stop carrying most 3-6 materials as well. ANYTHING MARKED 'ON SALE' IN THE 3-6 AREA, NOW AND IN THE COMING WEEKS, WILL BE DISCONTINUED WHEN CURRENT STOCK IS GONE.

Age 3-7: Practical Life, Real Work

Practical Life, or real work, was the favorite activity of children in that first Montessori school in Rome over 100 years ago and it remains so today. Through this important work children learn to concentrate, to follow logical steps, to perfect their attempts, to be independent, to take care of themselves, their friends and family, and the environment. Most of all they feel good about themselves, become happy, and more compassionate. In the home it is a wonderful way to spend time with the rest of the family. The selections here have been tested for many years and proven to be the best examples in each category.
CCR07.jpg CR07 Small Broom
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CDR45.jpg DR44 Zigzag Slicer
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CDR56.jpg DR56 White Porcelain Pitcher
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CDB010.jpg DB010 All by Myself
A Montessori favorite - in hard cover!
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CDR950.jpg DR950 Good Habits Chart
$20.00 $18.00 On Sale!
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CDR01.jpg DR01 Small Apron
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CDR030.jpg DR030 Medium Apron
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CDR902J.jpg DR902 European Dust Pan & Whisk Broom
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CDR26.jpg DR26 Small Work Gloves (age 2-5)
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CDR27.jpg DR27 Medium Work Gloves (age 5-7)
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CDR630.jpg DR630 Chef's Apron
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DR634.jpg DR634 Chef's Hat
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CDR21.jpg DR21 Apple Slicer
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CDR707.jpg DR707 Multi Chopper
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