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Michael Olaf Montessori Books & DVD's
In January 2018 Michael Olaf will close. The owners/creators, Jim and Susan Stephenson, who are now in their 70's will retire. Thank you for all of your support over the years. With very few exceptions (those things that are made locally, such as the slatted chair, topponcino, and a few other hard-to-find items) as each book, toy, or tool runs out it will not be reordered. Please keep this in mind for your school ordering, gift ordering, holiday ordering.
Age 3-7: Toys & Games

Montessori-type sensorial toys appeal to the child's developing eye-hand coordination and mental growth. They are made of natural products like wood and metal except for the clear color paddles where it is necessary for light to show through. These toys have an intelligent purpose that inspire a child to explore, create, think.
CCT150.jpg CT150 Nesting Boxes, colored
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CCT02.jpg CT02 Large Bead Threading
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CCT081.jpg CT081 Small Locks Box
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CDT15.jpg DT15 Matreshka Nesting Doll, 6 Doll Set
Recommended in the international Montessori 0-3 teacher training course (using only the largest two dolls first the smaller dolls when the child is older).
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CA300.jpg CA300 THE FARM: Beginning Farm Animal Set/8
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CDP422.jpg DP422 Tallest Stacking Tree Blocks
An all-time favorite of our customers from age 1 year to age 60 years!
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CCT930.jpg CT930 Shape Sorting Cube
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CCT655.jpg CT655 Beautiful Nut and Bolt-temporarily out of stock
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CCT600.jpg CT600 Metal Nut, Bolt, & Washer *temporaily out of stock*
Recommended in the international Montessori 0-3 teacher training teacher training course.
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Now, and after Michael Olaf closes, the Montessori books written by Susan Mayclin Stephenson (4 titles so far and more coming) will be still available by Montessori book suppliers and in many countries. The titles so far are: "The Joyful Child . . . ", "Child of the World . . . ", "The Universal Child . . .", and "No Checkmate . . . "