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On this page you will find discontinued or special items and also some of the precious items brought back from Susan's Montessori work around the would (susanart.net)
30INV 30INV Seven Invertebrate Folders, handmade - SOLD
Each "folder" for coelenterate, annelid, echinoderm, arthropod, porifera, protozoa, and mollusk, hand made to the AMI Elementary training Click for more information.

30ALG 30ALG Fourth Power of a Sum - SOLD
$280.00 $100.00 On Sale!
From Gonzagarredi in Italy. Original Montessori algebra material from Italy no longer being produced. Valuable 6-12 material. Very lightly used. 13" in length.

30PYR 30PYR Volume of a Pyramid
$200.00 $50.00 On Sale!
Very special Italian Montessori piece of material for calculating the volume of a pyramid. Box and lid that holds three identical wooden pyramids. Lovingly used, in need of slight paint touch-up.

30PUZ 30PUZ Two Traditional European Wooden Puzzles
$70.00 $30.00 On Sale!
Two slightly used beautiful traditional knobbed puzzles from Switzerland. Puzzles like this are no longer available anywhere.

CGB200.jpg GB200 Maria Montessori: Her Life and Legacy, DVD
$250.00 $45.00 On Sale!
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ctib1602.jpg TIB160 "Topi" or traditional cap, from Nepal
$12.00 $3.00 On Sale!
Brought back from visiting a Montessori teacher in Kathmandu. This is a triditional children's hat from Nepal, for the Montessori classroom "Asia" box, or dressing up at home. Click the image for more information.
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23IB 23IB Four Montessori books in Italian
$60.00 $20.00 On Sale!
Brought back these four books (three pictured) from my Montessori work in Italy just to be close to Dr. Montessori's original message. They are the most loved original titles. Look at them and see if you can figure out the English names.

CGB490.jpg GB490 WONDERFUL TWO'S, Montessori Infant Communities in Japan and USA (DVD)
$35.00 $25.00 On Sale!
Parents are often shocked when they see the potential of children under the age of three years in this 50-minute video filmed in AMI Montessori Infant Communities in Japan and the USA. Voice: Susan Mayclin Stephenson. Universal Disc Format (UDF)
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21frame 21FRAME Flat Bead Frame-SOLD
$75.00 $25.00 On Sale!
Retail $75. Brand new. The Flat Bead Frame activities are the final step in the passage to abstraction with multiplication. Consists of a beechwood frame with 9 columns of movable golden glass beads. Brand new, unused.

22BIO 22BIO Three Ladybird Biography books
For the Ladybird book collectors, and there are many in the Montessori world. Julius Caesar, Charles Dickens, and Elizabeth Gaskell

23PUP 23PUP Large Authentic Traditional Puppet from Thailand
14" tall, authentic puppet brought home for travels for drama inspiration in our home and in my 6-12 classes. Made of wood and cloth in the tradition of Thailand.

CGB150.jpg GB150D Understanding the Human Being - slightly damaged
$40.00 $32.00 On Sale!
This book is still shrinkwrapped and in perfect condition except for slight damage to the upper right hand corner that happened in shipping. Rather than returning to the publisher we are offering it at a discount.