BT230 Original Topponcino ONLY (covers to be ordered separately)


TOPPONCINO "Security Wrap" (Italian: to.pon.chi'no) Order one or two covers (BT234) that exactly match the Michael Olaf topponcino. The "original" style topponcino is made of 100% cotton batting, hand quilted, covered with unbleached cotton muslin and hand tied to keep the batting from moving. The topponcino is 26.5" (67 cm) long, made according to the specifications of the Montessori Assistants to Infancy program in Rome. Made in the USA. It must be carefully hand washed and air dried. We consider a topponcino the single most important shower or baby gift. The importance of the topponcino cannot be overstated. It wraps the infant with security from birth, preventing the startle reflex, and allowing him to be held securely, and easily put down after falling asleep without being awakened. Yet when the infant awakens he is free to exercise his body in the most natural manner, which is not the case when being swaddled. The infant also finds comfort in the feel and smell of his topponcino. The value came home to us when the grandfather of our neighbors' tiny infant sat holding his granddaughter securely in his arms and said that, because of the topponcino, it was the first time in his life he had felt comfortable holding one of his many grandchildren! It also allows an older sibling to safely and comfortably hold the baby. NOTE: We recommend that 2 topponcino covers (BA234) be ordered for each topponcino.
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