CR962 First Table, Solid Wood Top - NOT AVAILABLE


THE FIRST TABLE, FOR EATING AND WORKING The choice of a child's first table an chair is very important. This is the perfect table for the child's first sitting up to work, or to eat. When a child is able to sit up and get into the seated position completely on his own, he will want to imitate the upright position of others, to play and to feed himself. At first, for only a few minutes at a time, he can be placed in the first chair to eat or drink seated at the table. Just getting his own a sip of water from a real cup or glass (NOT a tippy cup), or a few bites of cereal with a small spoon and bowl, can bring an enormous amount of satisfaction to the child at this stage of development. Eventually he will use this table to have snack and to set the table and eat regular meals. The table is 14" high, and the top 24" x 24". This table is shipped directly from the builder to keep the price down so plan on ordering a month ahead.
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