GB850 3-Hour Work Period/Observation of 3-6 Class


(Two Lecture/Article Reprints) The uninterrupted concentration of children as they work is the most important element of the Montessori experience. This is a reprint of a lecture on this crucial 3-hour work period, and how to "get there" in the Montessori 3-6 class. It was delivered by Susan Stephenson at the 1996 New Zealand Montessori Conference. Included are example concentration graphs taken from Dr. Montessori's writings, a blank graph to be copied and used by teachers, and specific suggestions for eliminating group lessons, fostering individual work. Included is a reprint of the article "Observation of a 3-6 Montessori Class," written in 1987 about the children's class at the Maria Montessori Training Center (MMI) in London, England, where the 3-hour work period is part of the daily schedule. 22 pages.
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