BA120 Wooden Tripod Toy Hanger *Sold Out*


WOODEN TRIPOD TOY HANGER Among the most important work for the child at this age is reaching, grasping, releasing, and exploring sounds and textures. We have this tripod toy hanger especially for this work. A number of toys on this and the following 2 pages can be hung, providing a variety of textures, sounds and grasping possibilities. The three legs are held secure by rubber rings at the top and it can be adjusted to a variety of heights. It is easy to fold up and move from room to room as the child spends time with his family in different areas of the home. It is made of light-colored hardwood so the hanger does not distract the eye from the hanging toy. NOTE: No toy comes with the hanger. Length of poles: 43 inches. Peak of trangulated poles: 39 inches. Distance on the floor from one base "ball" to another: 32 inches. NOTE: Later this can be turned in to a completely enclosed cave, tent, or play house with a simple bed sheetóchildren LOVE this little hiding place. Made in USA.
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