CM155J Percussion Set OF 7-SOLD OUT


Percussion instruments These percussion instruments are made for children, but they are still of very high quality, made of natural materials (no plastic) that meet our standards. Any of the following percussion instruments are appropriate for the home. For the infant community we recommend having several of each so the teacher can introduce the same kind of instrument at once to a small group of children. The hardwood claves, typical of music all over the world, are 8" long. The 4.5" metal triangle comes from the USA. The wooden frogs, bass (bull frog, approximately 8" long) and treble (tree frog, approximately 4" long) which really sound like frogs when the striker is rubbed across the back ridges, come to us from Southeast Asia. The wooden egg shakers (2.25") and the strap of sleigh bells (9.75" long) are from the USA. Our 6.25" hardwood wood block is a professional instrument made in Thailand, striker included. The Peruvian rain stick is 12" long, made from the normata cactus. And finally, the little djembe (jem'bay), 8" tall, is made in Bali of mahogany with an authentic skin head.
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