DL251J Michael Olaf Fruit & Vegetable cards


FRUIT CARDS & VEGETABLE CARDS For years we have looked unsuccessfully for picture cards of these important food groups that would meet our standards of beauty, be the best color and size, and provide the best selection of fruits and vegetables. Unable to find them we made them. Susan spent a year painting the original images and then we had the vegetable cards printed. The set of fruit cards were later made from her photographs. Great care was taken to include examples from around the world, and a great variety of colors. Vegetable is a culinary classification of a food group that is made up of roots, flowers, stems, leaves, bulbs, etc. These cards not only interest children in a very important food group, but they also present a broad classification to lay the groundwork for later biology studies. For identical matching or 3-part cards please order TWO sets, as each set contains 24 different images. 4.25" x 5", full color. Set/24.
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