DL489 Vegetable Matching Cards-sold out


VEGETABLE MATCHING CARDS The first vocabulary cards the child should be given are of those things he is likely to see in his own home, and will want to talk about. These cards of objects familiar to the child are printed in full color, laminated with a heavy plastic, and the corners rounded for safety. They will last a long time and provide a favorite activity of the young child, matching identical pictures. Be sure to show him examples of the real things in each set (a spoon, a dog, an apple, etc.) and match this real object to a card—so the child understands that the pictures represent real things. Then use the cards for learning names. When the child is ready to match identical pictures, show him how to slowly and carefully lay out, in a vertical row, the first 12 cards in a set. Then show her how to look through the second set, find the matching card, and place it next to the first. Children love this challenge to be precise. To help the child sort the cards back into two sets at the end of the work, colored dots have been printed on the back. The child places one color in one pile and the other color in another pile before putting the cards away. All this is very satisfying for the child at this age. There are 12 images, 24 cards, in each set. The cards are 3.75" x 3.75" printed in full color, with rounded corners.
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