DR01 Small Apron *Sold Out*


WORK APRON IN ETHNIC FABRIC An apron makes the child's work special, and ethnic fabric is an introduction to textiles of the world. Putting on and removing an apron marks the beginning and the end the work cycle. In Montessori communities aprons are used for children from age 1-6 for preparing food, setting the table, washing dishes, painting, etc. The neck band easily slips over the child's head. If it is too large for your child we recommend that you tuck and sew the end of the neck band to make it perfect. There is a waist strap with a Velcro fastener at the end so that children can help each other fasten aprons, and eventually manage it alone. The cotton in beautiful colors, woven in Guatemala (or occasionally, when we can get it, in India of Tibetan or Bhutan patterns). The body of the small apron (for ages 2-3) is 18-19" long.
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