GB091 APPLE! LET ME DO IT! language and Independence in the Montessori IC (DVD) - wholesale


An old but cherished Montessori video. Observe, through actual classroom footage of children from 14-30 months of age filmed in 1996, how language and independence are fostered in the Montessori infant community, sometimes called a toddler community even though these children are doing anything but toddle; they walk tall and speak with self respect! LANGUAGE: lessons of the child’s world with objects and pictures and in casual conversation, presenting book, and a child giving a lesson to another child with the same respectful tone of voice the adults use. INDEPENDENCE: teaching a child ‘how’ to undress rather than undressing her; children set the table, wash their hands, blow out the match for the lunch candle, mop up a spill, the fish, paint, and prepare food—independently—while the adult giving a 1:1 lesson then standing back, respecting the child’s interest, pace, and concentration. The teacher is Christiane Leitinger and the class was held in the Montessori school then connected with TMI, The Montessori Institute in Denver, Colorado.
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