GB451 NO CHECKMATE Montessori Chess Lessons for Age 3 to 90 - Wholesale


...This is the essence of Montessori.If you are not interested in learning chess this book is still a gold mine of knowledge and insight into the Montessori method and how to offer any skill to a child. As always, this author welcomes you into the world of the child and how to help spark their interest." —Joanne King, Montessori primary and elementary teacher and consultant, the Netherlands.... "Many adults are ordering just so they can learn chess. The author has been teaching chess to children from age 3 on for many years using Montessori principles. Finally these lessons are pulled together in a book which is about more than chess. 122 pages, black and white illustrations. "Susan covers every detail of making this game meaningful and fun for the adult and even the very young." — Rita Zener, PhD, AMI (Association Montessori Internationale) Teacher Trainer.
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