CT800 2-piece Geometry Jigsaw Puzzles, Set of 5


2-PIECE GEOMETRY JIGSAW PUZZLES, SET OF FIVE Learning to put together pieces of a jigsaw puzzle provide an entirely different kind of visual discrimination and eye-hand control. Finally a perfect beginning has been invented. Five different puzzles come in this set. The pieces of each 2-piece puzzle are the same color and exactly symmetrical, introducing also the idea of symmetry. The geometric forms are triangle, circle, ellipse, hexagon, and square. To give some idea of the sizes of these sturdy puzzles, the ellipse is 5.5" long. Put them out, one at a time at first, then two at a time, and so on. As you add more puzzles the child will be able to sort them by color and assemble the pieces by sight. The set of five puzzles comes in a cloth drawstring bag. Made in the USA.
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