CL155 Nursery Rhyme Blocks, set of 27 *Sold Out*


NURSERY RHYME BLOCKS, SET OF 27 These are wonderful for the child's independence and language! The very young child will soon have favorites. She can pick the block she wants from the embossed traditional Mother Goose image, and "ask" you to read the corresponding nursery rhyme! This is important in giving the child the opportunity to think and make an intelligent choice, and to satisfy the child's need to repeat. The verses of each rhyme is printed on the four consecutive sides so as you turn the block to read all, the child learns that there are different words printed that go along on each side´┐Żanother valuable concept. These blocks may be the first thing that a child learns to read on her own. There are 27 beautiful, high-quality blocks, made in the USA. RHYMES: Little Jack Horner, Three Little Kittens, Mary, Mary Quite Contrary, Old Mother Hubbard, Humpty Dumpty, Diddle Diddle Dumpling, Little Boy Blue, Baa, Baa Black Sheep, Old King Cole, Tom Tom the Piper's Son, Hickory Dickory Dock, Little Bo Peep, Ladybug Ladybug, Jack & Jill, Pat-a-cake Pat-a-cake, Wee Willie Winkie, Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater, Dickery Dickery Dare, Pussycat Pussycat, Jack Be Nimble, Sing a Song of Sixpence, Mary Had a Little Lamb, Hey Diddle Diddle, Little Miss Muffet, Old Woman Who Lived In a Shoe, One Two, Buckle My Shoe, Little Robin Redbreast
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