CB471 abc Blocks -sold out


abc BLOCKS This is the age for detailed sensorial exploration with the hands and fingers. As the child builds with these blocks, with no effort at all, he will begin to learn the shapes of the lower case letters, facilitating the more formal steps of reading and writing later. In Montessori communities children are not taught to read and write, but they are instead given beautiful materials that awaken the child's interest in learning—in this case learning about the letters of the English language. They are only introduced to lower case letters until they are reading and writing, and then given capitals. This is a beautiful alphabet toy, designed by a Montessori family. Following this interest is the time to offer the lower case letters and their sounds (the short sound "b" as in "tub," instead of "bee"). The letters on the blocks are carved out so the child can trace them with fingers. Braille letters—of interest to children of all ages—are printed next to the letter. Made of brightly colored basswood. The set includes twenty-seven 1.75" blocks. Made in the USA. CB471
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