DE020 Sand or Water Table, large


SAND AND WATER TABLE, LARGE SIZE Playing in sand and water, one of the most important and soothing activities for children, is not so easy to provide for our children these days With a sand and water table the child can experience it all year. This work also provides valuable experimentation with basic principles of physics such as gravity, buoyancy, weight, solids and liquids, flow, and many other physical attributes of matter. These table can also serve as an indoor plant potting area for the young child working with the adult. Both tables are made of Baltic birch plywood with hard maple legs. The LARGE TABLE is fitted at one end with non-marking swivel coasters so it can easily be moved from place to place in the classroom or perhaps from garage to driveway. It also has a Birch plywood activity cover so that the table can also be used for other purposes when it is not used for sand and water. A drain with a valve is included for ease of emptying. It is 22" wide, 36" long, 20" high. The red plastic tub is 9" deep. NOTE: These tables are shipped directly from the manufacturer, arriving separately from the rest of your order.
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