PE120 Slatted Chair- SOLD OUT


THE MICHAEL OLAF SLATTED CHAIR This chair was designed years ago, has been tested all over the world, and is custom made for Montessori infant communities and homes. Or version is created directly from the Italian model. The seat gently curves to fit the body of the young child and the slats extend beyond the frame so that the child can move or adjust the chair to the correct distance from the table, while in a seated position. All edges are rounded and the seat slopes upward toward the front for proper fit, good circulation, comfortable legs, and feet placed solidly on the floor. This secure position allows the child to perform at his best while sitting at a table to eat, work, or play. The slatted chair is made of hardwood plywood, light enough for the child to carry—in other words perfect. The seat height is 7" to 7.25," the height of the back is 14.5." The chair is made here to our exacting specifications. We can usually fill orders for individual chairs right away but need infant community orders in advance.
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