CR620 Balance Beam


“Teach by teaching, not by correcting.” Balance games, like walking on a line or walking on a beam teach careful balance and movement. These activities are much more successful at teaching careful movement than constantly correcting or reminding a child not to run with scissors, to "be careful" etc. A balance beam draws children to its challenge to walk carefully, or to walk carrying things and not spilling them. This six foot long balance beam, made of hard maple, adjusts to two positions and can easily be manipulated by children for a number of games and challenges—blindfold walking, walking while carrying a glass of water without spilling, a bell without making a sound, etc. The beam can be in a flat position so that it is 4" wide, or in an upright position, 2" wide, for more advanced walking. Note: This will be sent separately from the rest of your order.
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