BA100 Baby Play/Work/Exercise Mat -sold out


BABY PLAY/WORK/EXERCISE MAT The infant wants to move, to exercise all of her muscles, and to be with the family in order to observe, listen to, learn to be part of the group of individuals that will be part of her life forever. This thick woven cotton mat provides a flat surface for exercise, that is far superior than objects that limit movement such as baby carriers, swings, and walkers. And it can be moved from room to room, or house to house, wherever the family is spending time. In Montessori lingo work is a joyful activity involving the use of the hand or body and mind, and when a child learns to enjoy this kind of exercise early, work under her own power instead of dependence on movement or entertainment with the help of other people, it lays the groundwork for a lifetime of exercise and health. The play/work/exercise mat is soft, thick, handwoven and fringed, made of organic Egyptian cotton. It provides protection against a cool floor. We recommend that you cover it with a crib sheet, and, if the child is naked, a waterproof covering and sheet. The mat is woven in Egypt and each order we receive is slightly different, in a "natural" color. It is 31" x 39". You might want to order more than one, for use at home and to keep in the car so the child can continue his work when you are away from home.
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