BC5712 Perfect First Shoes, 12 Months-sold out


PERFECT FIRST SHOES The selection of the very best FIRST shoes, that will aid the development of movement, is one of the most important considerations for the young child. These first shoes are often used as "inside" shoes for Montessori Infant Communities and are perfect for home or outside. The nonskid bottoms help young crawlers to push against the floor, and the soft bottom helps develop muscles when learning to walk, replicating what it would be like to walk barefoot, which is always the best for the young child. They are warm and easily removed, and later put on, by the child. The soft elastic band at the ankle keeps the shoe on. The leather and cotton are soft to the skin and the "sock" part has a lovely knitted pattern. Red is the unanimous favorite color, attractive, and easy to find when lost (!) From Sweden. We recommend ordering more than one pair of the closest sizes to the child's age.
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