BR15 Patchwork Ball, large *Sold out*

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PATCHWORK FOLK BALL A ball just like this one is one of the toys made during the Montessori Assistants to Infancy course´┐Ża valuable hanging, kicking, grasping toy. Hung above the infant it affords very interesting exploration as the child at first kicks the ball with her feet and later with her hand, finally grasping the sections of the ball and exploring it with her fingers. When she is ready to crawl, this ball offers an attainable incentive because it rolls but a short distance. It has quite a history of tradition with quilt makers in the United States because it has been a favorite toy for many years. It is made by an Appalachian crafts group in Kentucky, of a variety of cotton fabrics. The large patchwork ball is 5.5" in diameter and the small, 3." To use as a hanging toy fasten it to the toy hanger with a piece of elastic, string, or ribbon.
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