DE606 Electric Circuit Set, including directions for use


The discovery of an electric circuit is an important part of the Montessori 3-6 physics curriculum, recommended by the AMI training course in London, England. Since we could not find one, we had it made. The child twists the ends of the coated metal wires, and fastens them firmly to the light, the switch, and the battery, with fingers and the little screwdriver. This task—actually constructing the circuit—is the most important part of the work. A child will learn that when all pieces are connected there is a complete "circuit" or circle of electricity, and a switch, or any other disconnection breaks the circuit. A simple and very important discovery made through experimentation. The electric circuit set contains a small plastic light bulb holder and bulb, a tiny switch (each mounted on a base), a 6-volt battery, three connecting wires, and a screwdriver.
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