GB200 Maria Montessori: Her Life and Legacy, DVD

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This film is now being remade with "closed captioning" for the deaf, so the present version is being sold at a deep discount - ONLY UNTIL STOCK IS GONE! "Maria Montessori: Her Life and Legacy", which was produced in cooperation with the Association Montessori Internationale. The film combines biographical material about Dr. Montessori with footage shot in three schools and a training center. The basic principles of Montessori education, its specialized vocabulary and materials are beautifully illustrated with scenes of children and adults working in their carefully prepared environments. This is a balanced and comprehensive view of Montessoriís life and work. It is excellent for parents, teachers, students in Montessori schools, and college and university students of education. (2004; 35 minutes) Born more than 25 years before Piaget or Vygotsky, Maria Montessori understood the constructivistic nature of learning. As she observed children building their understanding of the world, she developed materials and approaches to education that are now used, in part, in most early childhood classrooms across the world. She realized the tremendous power of intrinsic motivation and sought to capitalize upon it. For nearly a century, children across the world have worked with special child-centered materials to become self-motivated learners under the guidance of adults trained in the Montessori approach to education. Combining archival footage with appealing views of current classrooms, this video presents essential elements of the Montessori philosophy and how Dr. Montessori developed the ideas that have had such a profound effect on early education. Annette M. Haines, Ed.D., Director of the Montessori Training Center of St. Louis, narrates with clarity and enthusiasm for Dr. Montessoriís contributions to the understanding of human development. Montessoriís conception of the changing roles the classroom environment and teacher should play for students of various ages is presented with carefully shot film of toddler, preschool, elementary school and secondary classes at work in accredited Montessori schools. Students will also learn of Dr. Montessoriís own dramatic life through archival visuals and will be challenged to think about the components of an exemplary educational practice. (2004) 35 minutes $250.
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