BT09 Ball Tracker and 5 Balls-sold out


BALL TRACKER At first the child will sit in front of the ball tracker and place the balls just on the first or lowest rod. Gradually, when the child is very good at 'pulling up' on furniture, she will be able to reach the top as she sees other children, or her parents doing. In Montessori classes for infants just learning to pull up, this piece of materials is securely fastened to the wall to allow for practice of this skill. This important piece of material has been used in Montessori infant communities for many years. Placed in the hole on the top, the colored plastic ball moves slowly enough for the child to follow it, or track it, with her eyes. Tracking movements of the eyes are important for later reading and writing. This fascinating activity, repeated over and over by the child, has a calming and satisfying effect. All wood, 23" tall, 15.5" wide. Made in the USA.
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