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Art of Susan Mayclin Stephenson

Cost of the one-of-a-kind art offered here is "artist's price" which is half of what it is when a piece is being exhibited in a gallery or show. Please carefully study the sizes and descriptions before ordering. For orders from outside the USA you will be notified of the cost of shipping and insurance for your approval before your order is confirmed. For larger images go to this page:
36DRIVER 36DRIVER Camel Driver at Petra - original oil painting
oil on board with hanging wire, unframed, 9" x 12". While visiting the ancient ruins o Petra in Jordan I was inspired to paint the scene of this camel stopping for a break, squatting serenely on his heals which is a posture so common and healthy in the world.

36INNES.jpg 36INNES Boats Sinking into the Swamp - oil study
oil on canvas with hanging wire, unframed, 14" x 11". During my classical oil painting studies, we worked on "studies" of copies of the artists of the past most successful in landscapes, still life, and portraits. This is an example of one of these studies, that I still do to learn more about color, composition, and brush strokes.

36SUFI 36SUFI Ten Portraits of Sufi Singers, original oil painting
oil on linen, 11" x 14", unframed. While working in Morocco I was treated to a beautiful performance of Turkish Sufi dancers and singers out under the stars. My eyes were continually drawn to the religious passion shown on the faces of the singers on either side of the dancers. One portrait is a difficult undertaking; ten portraits a challenge that took years, and I feel that I have gotten to know a bit about each of thee men.

36MACHU 36MACHU Lhama at Machu Picchu - original oil painting
oil on canvas with hanging wire, unframed, 14" x 18", There was a special moment as I climbed the stairs of the ancient Inca ruins of Machu Picchu in the Andean Mountains of Peru, when I could see no humans, just this Llama. For a moment I was transported to hundreds of years ago and could imagine what it felt like to live there.

36SAND 36SAND Art in the Sand
print on canvas, 16" x 12". The original oil painting from which this print was made is of our third grandchild, discovering drawing with a stick in the sand while visiting our beautiful Humboldt County, California beaches. This piece is printed on canvas, and ready to hang, or to be framed.

36RIECKE 36RIECKE The Riecke House - original oil painting
oil on canvas, gold frame. 11" x 14", frame 15.5" x 18.5". The famous Riecke House is one of two historical, surviving turn-of-the-century homes that still exist. Today it contains The Trinidad Art Gallery and great care if taken to keep both the building and the surrounding gardens in excellent condition. Thus the inspiration for this painting.

36RUSSIA 36RUSSIA Russian Baptism - original oil painting
oil on board with hanging wire, unframed, 12" x 9". While working in Russia I was taken to the village of Klin, the last home of the famous Russian composer Tchaikovsky. His home has become the official Tchaikovsky Museum. As we walked around the grounds my hostess and I hear singing and were invited to witness, in a small Russian Orthodox church, the baptism of several babies, each one taken around to kiss, be killed by?, the beautiful icons painted on the walls.

36KIMONO 36KIMONO Kupota-inspired Japanese Abstrace - original oil painting
oil on board, gold frame, painting 9" x 12", frame 13' x 16", Visiting the Itchiku Kubota Art Museum in Kawaguchi-ko, Japan, I was inspired by the paintings on kimonos to create this abstract. Kubota (1917-2003) is considered the most important textile artist of the 20th century.

36CHESS 36CHESS Lewis Chess Piece with Squash and Apple - original oil painging
oil on canvas, stressed gold frame, painting 6" x 8", frame 9" x 11". Years ago I bought a beautiful chess set in Edinburgh, Scotland and incorporated one of the pieces in this still life with squash and apple. The Lewis chess pieces were discovered in 1921 on the island of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides. They were from the 12th century, cared from walrus ivory.

36BEACH 36BEACH At the Beach
print mounted on wooden block, 5" x 7". A local artist commissioned the original oil painting of his daughter. When I first saw the photograph in his studio it reminded me of the work of Mary Cassatt, so I painted two studies of her work to prepare for this one.

36CAMEL 36CAMEL The Inscrutable Camel #1 - original art
mixed media on watercolor paper, image 8.5" x 7", paper 10" x 7". While working and traveling in Palestine and Morocco I have enjoyed looking in to the eyes and studying the facial expressions of these fascinating creatures. This piece was created with graphite, ink, watercolor, and colored pencil.

0raf africa cooking sm RAF Africa Cooking
From an original oil painting of a child in Cote d'Ivoire, West Africa, helping with the family food preparation
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CRbaptism.jpg RBAP "Russian Baptism" Greeting Card
From an original oil painting, entitled "Russian Baptism". Inspired by the author being invited to attend a Baptism in Klin, Russia as she was visiting the home of Tchaikovsky.
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CRpray.jpg RPRAY "Learning to Pray" Greeting Card
From an original oil painting. This little boy is imitating the adults praying as they listen to the Dalai Lama teach in Dharamsala, India. The artist worked from several photos she took that day.
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CRwheel.jpg RWHE "Wheel of Life" Greeting Card
The original oil painting was inspired by the artist's travels in Tibet, stopping at a cave where the Tibetan saint, Milarepa, meditated and a small temple, with giant prayer wheel and wheel of life mural was constructed.
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CRhats.jpg RHATS "Grandma's Hats" Greeting Card
From an original oil painting, entitled "Grandma's Hats". It is a painting of the artist's two daughters homesteading in Northern Michigan in the 1970's, wearing old-fashioned farming hats made for them by their great-grandmother.
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CRnepal.jpg RNEPAL "Nepali Baby" Greeting Card
From an original oil painting, entitled "Nepali Baby", inspired by the First Meal celebration the artist attended in Kathmandu, Nepal. The child is wearing the traditional dress and flower leis for the occasion.
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CRsoccer.jpg RSOCCER "Soccer on the Beach" Greeting Card
From an original oil painting, entitled "Soccer on the Beach" of the artist's son, Michael Olaf, playing soccer at Moonstone Beach in Arcata, California, with a dog that his sister brought back from here Peace Corps time in Senegal
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CRbeach.jpg RBEACH "At the Beach" Greeting Card
From an original oil painting, entitled "At the Beach", commissioned by a local Arcata, California artist. The style has been compared to that of Mary Cassatt.
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CRmatreshka.jpg RDOLL "Matreshka" Greeting Card
From an original oil painting, entitled "Matreshka". It is a painting of a Tibetan child in Dharamsala, India playing with Russian matreshka dolls that were a gift from the artist.
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CRcandle.jpg RCANDLE "My First Hannukah" Greeting Card
From an original oil painting of the artist's granddaughter, entitled "My First Hannukah". She was inspired by the contrasting beauty of the hands of the adult and child.
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