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Since 1971 I have taught AMI Montessori primary and elementary classes. Retired and closing Michael Olaf I now giving up these things (not without some difficulty :-) that I used as a teacher or collected from international travels. They are new or if used they are of a quality that I would have in my own classroom. THERE IS ONLY ONE OF EACH ITEM. If you order something and it has already been sold you will be notified as soon as possible.
MLGCB.jpg MLGCB Sentence Analysis Charts and Boxes
These are the complete set of sentence analysis charts and boxes for the elementary class. Made by Gonzagarredi in Italy which is one of only three companies in the world that produce Montessori materials with the supervision and certification of AMI

MLIF5.jpg MLIF5 Five Sets of Internal Functions of Vertebrates Materials - SOLD
FIVE HANDMADE SETS: Booklets, 3-part cards, definitions, for the internal functions of the five classes of vertebrates: fish, amphibian, reptile, bird, mammal. From AMI elementary training.

21frame 21FRAME Flat Bead Frame
Retail $75. Brand new. The Flat Bead Frame activities are the final step in the passage to abstraction with multiplication. Consists of a beechwood frame with 9 columns of movable golden glass beads. Brand new, unused.

21amij 21AMIJ Association Montessori International 2014-2015 Journal
Two years of AMI journals in one book - wonderful. "Theme Issue: The Montessori Foundations for the Creative Personality" Publisher price $30

21nz 21NZ Puzzle Map of New Zealand
A beautiful cardboard puzzle of New Lealand, 12" x 14", decorated with New Zealand stamps. One peace missing but still a treasure.

21japan 21JAPAN Japan Objects for Asia Continent Box
Wherever I travel I bring home objects for the continent boxes in the 3-6 classroom, and in our home. Click on the title to see the list of items in this collection.

23ND 23ND Needs of Humans - folders and 82 postcards
The study of the needs of humans from the AMI 6-12 course. 13 teacher-made folders. Click for more information.

23PUP 23PUP Large Authentic Traditional Puppet from Thailand
14" tall, authentic puppet brought home for travels for drama inspiration in our home and in my 6-12 classes. Made of wood and cloth in the tradition of Thailand.

23RB 23RB Japanese Child-size Rug Beater
Perfect for the classroom because children can help each other hold up and beat the floor mats. 27" long, hand made in Japan, brand new still with the Japanese paper wrapping.

23AH 23AH Early American child's Apron and hat
Just like our grandmother made for us! New, lovely cotton apron and cap combining study or the pioneers with practical life. Cotton, 26" apron body.

23IB 23IB Four Montessori books in Italian
Brought back these four books (three pictured) from my Montessori work in Italy just to be close to Dr. Montessori's original message. They are the most loved original titles. Look at them and see if you can figure out the English names.

22BIO 22BIO Three Ladybird Biography books
For the Ladybird book collectors, and there are many in the Montessori world. Julius Caesar, Charles Dickens, and Elizabeth Gaskell

22MA 22MA Three Ladybird Art and Music Books - SOLD
For the Montessori Ladybird book collector: Great Art, book 1 and 2, and Musical Instrument

22CD 22CD Chinese "frog" Dressing Frame - SOLD
This dressing frame was as valuable to me as to my students - how many of us are good at fastening "frogs" on Oriental clothing :-), 12" square.

22BF 22BF First Math Bead Frame
The first bead from, for children working with addition, subtraction, and multiplication of units, tens, hundreds and thousands.

22MS 22MS Math book for the 5th Great Lesson
Library binding of the 3 basic text books for the elementary class 5th great lesson, the development history of math.

22NBW 22NBW Nut, Bolt, and Washer - SOLD
No longer available - children engage for long periods of time on this little work, good for eye-hand control, logic, and preparation of the hand for writing.

22MM 22MM Magnetic Marbles in Bag - SOLD
Brand new, I just found this Montessori "gift" that was presented to me years ago. A engaging toy for children old enough to handle marbles. The magnets help them create many patterns.

22SC 22SC Imperfect Slatted Chair
This slatted chair did not meet the extremely high standards of the Michael Olaf Company, but you might not even notice the imperfection and I would put it in my own classroom.

22FB 22FB Ladybird Books: First Books, Set/3 - SOLD
For the Ladybird Books collector. These are the first books for young children: Big and Little, Colors, Shapes

22SB 22SB Tiny Chinese Slotted Box - SOLD
Although the "slotted box" is sometimes found in the Infant Community, I recommend this special version only for the primary age child who can handle the tiny keys that open the lock to take the coins that have been put into the box through the slot out of the box. A lovely piece of Montessori material brought back from China.