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Many of the items on this page were brought back from countries where Susan Stephenson, the co-owner of The Michael Olaf Company worked in the Montessori field. We share them her for Montessori classrooms and others with an appreciation for countries of the world. Other items were created by Susan when she was a Montessori teacher, or are no-longer-available classroom materials or very special out-of-print books and journals. MOST ITEMS ARE ONE OF A KIND!
ctib1602.jpg TIB160 Traditional Nepali Child's Hat
For the classroom "Asia" box. Each family has a specific weave and color that is passed down from generation to generation. There are a few left.
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312TBK 312TBK Thailand Children’s Books, Set/3
Three traditional school books from Thailand. Good for 3-6 Asia box, and for 6-12 class studying the development of languages. Even the page numbers are in Thai numbers. Each s full color, 16 pages, and together they present the games, celebration, and traditions of children’s lives.

612GNOM 612GNOM Complege Montessori 6-12 Geometry Nomenclature Set
This elementary Montessori geometry material, not available commercially, represents 100s of hours of printing, cutting, coloring, laminating, creating booklets and folders of 3-part cards and definitions. There are 35 sets, the complete AMI Nomenclature. Each set contains the booklet, and the definitions stages. Polygons (4), angles (8), lines (6), triangles (5), plane figures (6) other kinds of polygons (3), circles (3), point to solid (1).

GB730 The Red Corolla: Montessori Cosmic Education GB731 The Red Corolla: Montessori Cosmic Education (for age 3-6) - Wholesale
Used in Montessori teacher training courses, preschool programs of all kinds, homeschooling groups. Detailed lessons for ages 3-6 and older children in the areas of physics, botany, zoology, history, geography, music, and art. Plus information on how the younger and older child, and the adult, can joyfully learn about the world and his/her place in it.

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Biones of Africa 36BA Biomes of Africa
“A Manipulative books for ages 6-12” but appropriate for good readers in the 3-6 class. 70 colored 4x4” cards displaying housing, food, people, plants, and animals of Africa. 70 definitions cards, 70 labels. Originally $200. They are printed on cardstock and ready to use or could be laminated. (including one set of cards from Asia)

Flags of Hope 612F Flags of Hope
Art, Music, and Social Studies in one package. A string of five 15x18” authentic Tibetan prayer flags (red, green, yellow, blue, white), a CD containing five pieces of original Tibetan music, and a booklet with information on the Tibetan people, prayer flags, lesson plans and project suggestions, and notes about the music tracks.

Montessori Talks to Parents JMT Montessori Talks to Parents
Two out-of-print sets of NAMTA (North American Montessori Teachers) publications. (1) Complete series of the AMI Newsletter “Montessori Talks to Parents” from 1982. Volume 1, No. one – eight. 8.5x11, black and white. Topics: television, nutrition, sibling rivalry, history of childhood, physical education, misbehavior, talk to children, sex education. (2) Complete series of full color brochures from NAMTA. Titles: Language, Literature and the Family, The Child in Nature, Nurturing the Creative Personality, The Home Environment, and The Road to Discipline. A treasure of articles by all of the best Montessori writers.

Maria Montessori Centenary Anthology JMM Maria Montessori Centenary Anthology 1870-1970
My personal copy of the anthology that was published by AMI to honor the centenary of Montessori’s birth. 8x10”, 79 pages full of picture and interesting information. The cover slightly worn, the information, including her letters to and from famous people of the world, is priceless.

8RB Tibetan Rangzen Bracelet 8RB Rangzen Tibetan Bracelet in Woven Bag
Rangzen Bracelets were first made by Tibetan political prisoners near Lhasa, Tibet. They were originally woven from white and black yak hair, or whatever bits of thread were available in the prisons, patterned after the traditional slingshot used by Tibetan nomads. Today these bracelets are worn as an expression of endurance and defiance against Chinese government oppression. This bracelet was woven of black and white yarn by Tibetan nuns in Tibetan settlements in India in the hope that it sill spread awareness of the plight of their people. Please wear it to show your solidarity with the struggles for freedom and human

8MS Mongolian Stemps 8MS Mongolian Stamps, Set/5
Collector edition set of 5 stamps showing Mongolian life out on the steppes in a ger (yurt). They picture life from long ago through time to present ger life with a motorcycle.

8DZ Tibetan dZi Bead from Lhasa 8DZ Tibetan 9-eye Yak Bone dZi Bead
Pronounced “zee” beads of this type made of stone are very precious. The more white circles, or “eyes”, the more valuable. These yak bone models were made in Lhasa, Tibet and brought home to California to share the story. A page in information is included.

8PP Tiny Paper Tibetan Prayer Flags 8PP Tiny Handmade Paper Tibetan Prayer Flags, String of 10
These 100% cotton prayer flags are made y Tibetan Refugees in India. Each flag is an outline of the “wind horse” thought to take the prayer to whoever needs them, and prayers in Tibetan language. The flags are approximately 2.5” by 3.5”, two each of red, blue, green, yellow, and white

8HF Holy Land Flowers 8HF flowers from the Holy Land Set/5
Here is a little pack of five 2.5” x 5” cards brought back from a church visited after Montessori work in Bethlehem. Each card contains a carefully dried flower that was grown there and carefully attached to the card. Also a picture of the Infant on a bed of straw and the words “Flowers from the Holy Land” in English, Italian, Spanish, French, and German.

8HP Plate from the Holy Land 8HP Holy Land Plate
A beautiful ceramic plate 6.5” in diameter brought back from Montessori work in the Holy Land. The heart shape in the center pictures the city and says “Jerusalem”. The four other circles picture and name “Nazareth” and “Bethlehem, an orange tree and mosaics.

8BM Bhutan Magazines 8BM A Set of Three magazines published by Drukair, the airlines of Bhutan
These publications are cherished and saved by people returning from Bhutan. Each one is about 70 pages, 8.5” x 11”, with full color full color illustrations and a rich variety of interesting articles about the religion, traditions, culture of Bhutan. The information and pictures are unique and of value to anyone interested in learning about this the ancient Buddhist kingdom of Bhutan, or hoping one day to go there. They were brought back after Montessori work in Paro and Thimphu. There are three sets of magazines, containing a variety of magazines.