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NOTE: Because of an illness in the family orders will be late. Please bear with us. Thank you.
MLIF5.jpg MLIF5 Five Sets of Internal Functions of Vertebrates Materials - SOLD
FIVE HANDMADE SETS: Booklets, 3-part cards, definitions, for the internal functions of the five classes of vertebrates: fish, amphibian, reptile, bird, mammal. From AMI elementary training.

21frame 21FRAME Flat Bead Frame - SOLD
$75.00 $25.00 On Sale!
Retail $75. Brand new. The Flat Bead Frame activities are the final step in the passage to abstraction with multiplication. Consists of a beechwood frame with 9 columns of movable golden glass beads. Brand new, unused.

21amij 21AMIJ Association Montessori International 2014-2015 Journal-SOLD OUT
Two years of AMI journals in one book - wonderful. "Theme Issue: The Montessori Foundations for the Creative Personality" Publisher price $30

23PUP 23PUP Large Authentic Traditional Puppet from Thailand
14" tall, authentic puppet brought home for travels for drama inspiration in our home and in my 6-12 classes. Made of wood and cloth in the tradition of Thailand.

612HA 612HA Elementary, Age 6-12, History Album-SOLD and Black Strip
Original album, 117 pages in plastic sheet protectors, of the complete Montessori elementary History curriculum . . . more

03PWP 03PWP Part-Whole Perception Puzzle - SOLD
$43.00 $20.00 On Sale!
Hands-on discovery that two parts make a whole. Contemporary design. 18 brightly colored pieces provide many problem-solving challenges. Shapes are raised above the puzzle board for easy removal and fitting. 12”12” wood

22BIO 22BIO Three Ladybird Biography books
For the Ladybird book collectors, and there are many in the Montessori world. Julius Caesar, Charles Dickens, and Elizabeth Gaskell

612GA 612GA Elementary, Age 6-12, Geography Album and Experiment Cards -SOLD
Original album, 250 pages in plastic sheet protectors, of the complete Montessori elementary geography curriculum for the first “great lesson” . . . more

22BF 22BF First Math Bead Frame *Sold Out*
$0.00 $0.00 On Sale!
The first bead from, for children working with addition, subtraction, and multiplication of units, tens, hundreds and thousands.