The Senses
Reaching & Grasping
Sitting up & Working
Crawling, Pulling up, & Standing
A Gentle Beginning
Unique Development & Self-respect
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For over 30 years Michael Olaf has provided the best quality and selection of toys, books, and other educational materials for children from birth to 7+ years. The selections are made by qualified Montessori teachers. Michael Olaf ships all over the world and is well-known for excellent service. In order to focus on Birth to Three (the Michael Olaf international specialty) at the end of 2013 we stopped carrying materials for 6-12. Soon we will stop carrying most 3-6 materials as well. ANYTHING MARKED 'ON SALE' IN THE 3-6 AREA, NOW AND IN THE COMING WEEKS, WILL BE DISCONTINUED WHEN CURRENT STOCK IS GONE.

The First Year of Life

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CAA266.jpg AA266 World Sings, CD
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CCT100.jpg CT100 Box and 1 Ball
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CBA520.jpg BA520 Bar and Mirror
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cbt09.jpg BT09 Ball Tracker and 5 Balls
The 5 balls that come with this ball tracker are now white, not colored.
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CBF300.jpg BF300 First Chair
Made locally from specific directions recommended in the international Montessori 0-3 program. For home or infant community, 6 months to 3+ years.
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CGB060.jpg GB060 Diaper-Free Before Three
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CBA010.jpg BA010 Perfect Pacifier
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CBA120.jpg BA120 Wooden Tripod Toy Hanger
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CBT340.jpg BT340 Large Colored Beads
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CBT200.jpg BT200 Single Post & Rings
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BB710.jpg BB710 Toilet-Learning Pants, 12-24 month, Set 3
Fine, organic Egyptian cotton pants
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CGB400.jpg GB400 The Joyful Child: Montessori, Global Wisdom for Birth to Three
A favorite of parents, teachers, birth educators, infant and toddler specialists, around the world. Montessori ideas for raising and educating children from birth to age three. Introduction by Silvana Montanaro, MD, and author of "Understanding the Human Being." 282 pages, 160 black & white pictures. MORE
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For more information on this period of life, go to this link: THE JOYFUL CHILD

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