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For over 30 years Michael Olaf has provided the best quality and selection of toys, books, and other educational materials for children from birth to 7+ years. The selections are made by qualified Montessori teachers. Michael Olaf ships all over the world and is well-known for excellent service.

The Montessori Shop, for Children from Birth to Seven Years of Age, and Their Adults

CBB200.jpg BB200 Brian Wildlsmith's Opposites, board book
A long time favorite - just back!
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CCT100.jpg CT100 Box and 1 Ball
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CGB480.jpg GB480 The Wonderful Two's, (DVD)
$34.00 $20.00 On Sale!
We now have this 50-minute inspiration for the potential of the very young child in new packaging. So this version in the old packaging is on sale till we run out.
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CPE120.jpg PE120 Michael Olaf Slatted Chair
Made locally from specific directions recommended in the international Montessori Assistants to Infancy program.
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CDL055J.jpg DL055 Vegetable Cards, Set/24
Nutritionally children benefit very much from an awakened interest in vegetables at an early age. These cards are even more valuable than the fruit cards, for the home and classroom.
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CPE026.jpg PE026 Blue & White Work/Play/Floor Mat-available May 1
Children love this wonderful language or play mat and use it for movable alphabet work, language cards, block play at home. This is the end of our stock :-(
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CBA010.jpg BA010 Perfect Pacifier
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CDP490.jpg DP490 BOOK - Leaf Shapes (18 examples)
$15.95 $13.95 On Sale!
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CDE516.jpg DE516 North America Geography Puzzle
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CDL960.jpg DL960 Large Cats Pictures, set/10
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CDL962.jpg DL962 Large Dog Pictures, set/10
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CDL958.jpg DL958 Large World Flags Pictures, set/10
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New Montessori book: The Universal Child, Guided by Nature